Cedar Area Fire and Rescue

Cedar Area Fire & Rescue is currently working on a new five-year strategic plan, and is looking for community input. To give your thoughts on the ongoing direction of the fire department, please go to: https://forms.gle/8gHcSy21r8PZ1bQX6. Thank you!

As of April 1, 2016, Cedar Area Fire & Rescue is jointly owned by four townships - Centerville, Cleveland, Kasson and Solon - in Leelanau County. The governing board consists of one representative from each township, plus one member-at-large approved by all four townships. Prior to April 1, 2016, the board conducted organizational meetings, leading up to a transition in the management of the Cedar Area Fire & Rescue Department from the existing Solon/Centerville Fire Board to the new Cedar Area Fire & Rescue Board.

The board members are:

Greg Julian – Chair

Rick Royston – Vice-Chair

Ron Schaub – Treasurer

Chris Comeaux – Secretary

John DePuy – Member-at-Large

This page last updated on 5/17/2022.