Leelanau County Clerk

Michelle L. Crocker

The Clerk's office accepts applications and issues all marriage licenses, reviews and records all county birth and death certificates and issues certified copies on request. The County Clerk is the Register of County vital statistics.  Records and indexes are maintained on all Leelanau County births, deaths and marriages.

The County Clerk, as Chief Election Officer, supervises elections, receives and files county petitions, serves as a member of the County Election Commission, Clerk of the County Election Scheduling Committee and the County Board of Canvassers.  When federal and state elections are held, the County tabulates returns on election night.

The County Clerk is Clerk for the County Board of Commissioners, prepares Minutes of Board of Commissioner Meetings and presents communications.

Various other duties of the County Clerk include: Passport Photo services; Clerk of the Gun Board and issuing Concealed Weapons permits after approval, filing Assumed Name or Co-Partnership Certificates for businesses and processing Notary Public Commissions.  The County Clerk also serves as a member of the County Plat Board, member of the County Apportionment Commission, filing of Veterans Discharges (DD-214 forms), granting Peddler's Licenses and processing of qualified Veterans Death Benefits checks, as well as doing all necessary oaths of office.

The County Clerk is the Keeper of many County Records.

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