Communications Task Force

The Leelanau County Board of Commissioners formed the Communication Task Force during its May 2016 Regular Session.

Members appointed include:

  • Matt Ansorge, Director, Leelanau County Emergency Management
  • Pat Burguard, EMT, Leelanau Township EMS
  • John Dodson, Fire Chief, Glen Lake Fire Department
  • Chet Janik, County Administrator
  • Greg Julian, Chairman, Cedar Area Fire & Rescue Board
  • Melinda Lautner, County Commissioner
  • Lt. Gary McGhee, Paramedic, Suttons Bay/Bingham Fire & Rescue
  • Steve Morgan, Undersheriff
  • Ron Plamondon, Director, Information Technology
  • Carolyn Rentenbach, County Chairman
  • Doug Scripps, Supervisor, Leelanau Township
  • Ty Wessell, County Commissioner

Communication Task Force Summary of Events

During its July 22, 2016 session, the Task Force agreed to the following for presentation to the Leelanau County Board of Commissioners:

Communication Task Force Recommendation

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