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We hope you find this site useful, but please remember we also give service the old-fashioned way.  So just call or come in during normal business hours and talk with anyone of our staff members with many years of experience.  We are ready to serve you!

- The Register of Deeds is a constitutional office whose duties are prescribed by State law.  In 1835, the first Constitution of the State of Michigan was adopted by the Congress of the United States which established the office of Register of Deeds.  There have been 15 Registers of Deeds in Leelanau County since 1863.

The REGISTER OF DEEDS office is the official office for recording all legal instruments pertaining to the transfer and encumbrances of properties in the county.  Documents are recorded in the county's official records to publicly declare their existence and enactment.  Anyone can research these records to identify property ownership and liens placed against property.  Leelanau County records date back to 1863.  

Only documents that meet the recording requirements set by the State of Michigan Legislature are recorded.  This office cannot determine legal sufficiency or intent of any document offered for recording.

Michigan has a "race-notice" statute; recording a deed places subsequent purchasers on constructive notice.  Thus, it is important that documents are recorded in the exact order in which they are first presented for recording at the Register of Deeds office.  First in time is first in line.  An error in recording might cost a property owner a hefty sum if the owner is forced to prove title, or ownership, of their property.  The Register must constantly study and be aware of the laws which govern the office.

The REGISTER OF DEEDS office assists the public, lending institutions, title companies, realtors and attorneys who are among the many people who check the records and filings of instruments in the office.  

We provide copies of all real estate conveyances to all assessing offices in the county for use in preparation of tax rolls.

Other supportive services provided for residents include document certifying and record copying.

Our records are available online or in the office and can be printed for a fee.  There are two public work stations in the office for searching the documents on the computer and the vault is available for record searching prior to January 1, 1966. Certified copies can be made from the records upon request.  PLEASE NOTE:  only DEED records are available online prior to January 1, 1972 all other records will need to be searched in the office prior to that date.

The REGISTER OF DEEDS is also the Chairman of the Leelanau County Plat Board which reviews and approves all new subdivisions within the County.

The REGISTER OF DEEDS is also the office that handles Passport acceptance and submission.  Please call to make an appointment for your passport.

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