Maple Grove Cemetery

The Maple Grove Cemetery was established in the late 1860s as the Empire Rural Burial Grounds.  In the 1930s the name was changed to Maple Grove Cemetery in appreciation of the lovely maple trees that are located on the cemetery’s 40 acres. Maple Grove is a perpetual care municipal cemetery managed by Empire Township.  The cemetery serves anyone who may choose Maple Grove as the final resting place for their loved ones.

Contact Information

Manager: Claude Fields, 231-631-6318, P.O. Box 234, Empire, MI 49630

Township Clerk: Christine Neiswonger, 231-326-5349, P.O. Box 234, Empire, MI 49630


Our Maple Grove Cemetery website has just been newly implemented and is a work in progress. Click here to visit the website. It is not complete but it does have a lot of public information we thought was worth sharing even before all data and photographs have been inputted.  Maple Grove only allows limited personal information already in the public domain.  This would include name grave location date of death or interment date (if available). Note:  It is important to understand burial records are not perfect. Also check out About This Cemetery on the website for other useful information.

Our grave search website should be used for informational purposes only!  Please contact Maple Grove Cemetery by using the above contact information to confirm a location for official purposes.

We welcome suggestions to grave information if a family member finds an error in the documentation.  Contact the above email address for suggested information.

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Cemetery Fees

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