Can I... Pull permits as the Homeowner?

If you are the homeowner and living or about to occupy the home or you are doing the work, then you can pull the permits. If you are having a licensed contractor doing the work, then they must pull the permit. If the home is a rental, a licensed contractor must pull the permit.

All contractors offering to do work that totals $600 or more for labor and materials must have a state license. A Residential Builders license allows a contractor to build a complete structure as well as do maintenance or remodeling work.

Please be aware that as the permit holder, the homeowner assumes all responsibility and liability that the licensed contractor would assume:

  • It becomes the homeowner's responsibility to correct any code violations, even if a contractor or another individual did the work.

  • The homeowner may be held liable for any injury that might occur on the job. The homeowner is also responsible for workers compensation, all withholding taxes for federal and state as well as FICA taxes, for all individuals on the job.

  • Should anything beyond the builders' control occur (lawsuit, etc.) that causes the builder to be unable to complete the project, the homeowner will be legally responsible for the completion of the project.

This page last updated on 8/7/2023.