Pay My... Bill

Dear Parent / Legal Guardian:

It is expected that public county funds will be expended to cover the cost of services provided for the juvenile.  Michigan law requires juveniles, and parents / legal guardians are to be held liable for reimbursement of these expenses.  Costs that may be incurred by the family include court costs, crime victims’ rights assessment, state costs, restitution, and any additional services deemed necessary by the Court.

Michigan Court Rules of 1985, Rule 1.110 Collections of Fines and Costs states “…fines, costs, and other financial obligations imposed by the court must be paid at the time of assessment except when the court allows otherwise, for good cause shown…”.  Based upon this rule, payment is due in full upon billing.  Juveniles and parents / legal guardians, should make this a priority and pay each assessment as soon as the cost is assessed.  In an effort to remind the family of this, the court mails out billing statements. 

Under the Family Division policy, failure to make timely payments may result in penalties for noncompliance in accordance with Michigan law.  The Court is willing to work with you in meeting this financial obligation.  So, if you cannot pay the full balance due on the billing statement, it is your responsibility to contact the court at (231) 256-9803 to discuss possible alternatives.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Court at any time, and / or Joseph Povolo, Family Court Administrator or Josephine Lingaur, Juvenile Register.

Accounts Receivable Policy Handbook - Leelanau County 13th Circuit Court - Family Division

SCOPE:  The 13th Judicial Circuit Court Family Division shall require that the appropriate parties reimburse this Court for all public funds expended to cover the costs of services provided to the family. 

SERVICES:  The following is a comprehensive, but not exclusive, list of services which are collectible:  

Restitution, Crime Victim Assessment, and State Minimum Costs:   The juvenile shall be directly responsible for RestitutionCrime Victim Assessment, and State Minimum Fee, and the balance due in these areas must be paid in full prior to release from probation.

The parent and / or legal guardian shall be responsible for Attorney Fees, Civil Fines, Court Costs, Monthly Oversight Fees, 

Medical, dental, surgical or other health care, clothing or other incidentals as the Court considers necessary.  Counseling, substance abuse assessments, family assessments, psychological/psychiatric evaluations, emergency medical, medical if in placement or at home, clothing or miscellaneous expenses, physicals, drug screens, tutoring costs, transporter costs & mileage, and/or in-home parenting classes.

Placement Costs for care or service of child out of home.  Non-secure detention, secure detention, foster care, institutional care, and/or day treatment programming

COLLECTIONS ADMINISTRATION AUTHORITY:  Collections Administration Authority is governed by Michigan Court Rules, primarily, MCR 1.110 Collection of Fines and Costs:  “fines, costs, and other financial obligations imposed by the court must be paid at the time of assessment, except when the court allows otherwise, for good cause shown.”   The Juvenile Register shall have the designated responsibility for management of accounts receivables under the supervision of the Court Administrator. 

PROCEDURE:  The juvenile and parent(s) or legal guardian(s) are responsible to pay  all costs, fees, and restitution associated with the case and also are expected to submit 100% reimbursement for financial obligations imposed by the court upon the receipt of current charges listed on the billing statement.  In the case of separation or divorce, 50% of the charges shall be billed to each parent/legal guardian.

If the juvenile and parent(s) or legal guardian(s) are unable to pay the balance in full, it is the family’s responsibility to contact the Court (231) 256-9803 to express a desire to set up a payment plan.  If there is good cause for the necessity of a payment plan, the court will consider the payer’s proposal and then set a payment plan.  Monthly billing statements will be mailed. 

All collections of funds will be paid through the County Clerk’s office.  Acceptable forms of payment include cash, money orders, personal checks, and credit / debit card.  Payments by credit / debit cards may be made by phone by contacting the Clerk Office at (231) 256-9824.  Please provide the case number of the account that the payment should be applied. All other payments may be made in person or by mail.  The Clerk’s office is located at 8527 East Government Center Drive, Suite 103, Suttons Bay, Michigan 49682. 

Any/all NSF checks shall be processed according to the procedure established by the County.  Any bonds collected shall be converted to payer’s obligations as soon as available.

ENFORCEMENTEnforcement for noncompliance may consist of, but not be limited to, written correspondence, telephone contact, reporting to a credit agency, involuntary wage/bank account assignment, civil execution, and/or bench warrants, per cap applications, income tax intercepts, use of third party collection enforcement, including private companies, the Department of Treasury, other funding unit departments, and show cause hearings.  In the event you are subject to a show cause, you may be fined for additional costs and or confined to jail for up to thirty (30) days if found in contempt of court.  Penalties for noncompliance shall be applied consistently and in accordance with the law. 

This page last updated on 8/7/2023.