For voting in person in Leland Township:

Leland Township Polling Location

Leland Township Fire Station

203 S. Grand Avenue

Leland, MI  49654

Can't vote in person? Voting by mail, absentee voting, early voting, known by all of these names, is available to all Michigan voters. Here is some information on how the Clerk's office handles your absentee ballot:

Processing begins when the Clerk enters your application into the Qualified Voter File (QVF). Election staff check and record three steps; receiving your application, mailing your ballot and receiving the ballot. These three checks confirm the status and identity of the voter. You can check on line to follow your ballot at Michigan.gov/vote.

On Election Day the ballots are given to the Absent Ballot Counting Board.  Members of the Board, equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans, recount the ballots and compare them to the total listed in the QVF, ensuring all ballots are counted, working together to once again confirm signatures and numbers before processing and counting the votes using a tabulator, just as it is done when you vote in person.

Working to serve you,

Lisa Brookfield, Leland Township Clerk
Jane Keen,  Absentee Counting Board Chairperson

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This page last updated on 9/15/2020.