Policy of Assessment Review & Public Inspection

by Tanelle Budd
Sunday, September 10, 2023




MCL 211.10g(1)(c)


Taxpayer inquiries regarding the inspection, production or discussion of records maintained by the Assessor’s office may be submitted by either telephone or electronic mail directly to the Assessor.   The Assessor’s name and contact information will be made publicly available as part of this policy, the Cleveland Township website and published in the Leelanau County Government Directory.


Record requests by taxpayers will be met and delivered per mutual agreement between the taxpayer and the Assessor by either electronic mail, US mail or in person within 7 business days.  FOIA requests will be handled in the manner prescribed by Cleveland Township FOIA procedures.  Parcel record cards shall also be available for review by taxpayers or other interested parties at any time at BSAOnline.com.


If a taxpayer wishes to review and discuss their assessment with the Assessor at any time prior to the meeting of the March Board of Review, the Assessor shall accommodate the taxpayer through a telephone, email or in-person meeting, as best suits the taxpayer, during customary business hours. 


The Annual Notice of Assessment Change, in the Board of Review message area, will inform the property owners of this policy to be able to review and discuss their assessments with the Assessor prior to the meeting of the Board of Review, should they wish to do so.   The Assessor’s name and contact information will be printed on the ACN.


This policy shall be published for public review on the Cleveland Township website or provided as requested by electronic mail or US Mail.


Cleveland Township Assessor Contact Information:

Julie Krombeen, MAAO/3

3900 S. Townline Road

Cedar, Michigan 49621

231-667-0570 or 231-228-5949








Revised 09.07.2023

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