Short Term Rental Information


At a meeting on September 30, 2021, the Township Board approved two Ordinances which allows 93 short term rentals with a license in the Township.

As of 02/13/23, no more licenses are available. As the Township has received more applications than available licenses, there is a waitlist. As of 9/21/23 there are 9 applications on the waitlist. The fee to be on the waitlist is $100 (see Fee Ordinance). If you are submitting an application, you will need to submit the $100 waitlist fee and the $600 application fee. Please submit separate checks for the waitlist and application fee. 

Regulations regarding regarding STRs can be accessed below:


STR License Application - Note that you can fill the application out using your computer, but you will need to print the application once it is filled out and submit a hard copy of it and required documentation to the Township to be considered for a license. Hard copies are also available at Township Hall.

  • The application is detailed to ensure those that apply are aware of the regulations within the Licensing Ordinance. 
  • Each license expires on 12/31 each year. 
  • If you have a license and would like to renew it:
    • You must submit an application during the renewal period - 10/1-10/31. Renewal applications received outside of this renewal period will not be accepted. 
    • The fee for a renewal application is $300. 
    • The application is the same for both a renewal and new application. If it's a renewal, please pay attention to the checklist as it indicates that if no changes have been made to certain items (proof of ownership, pictures, site plan, etc.) it isn't required as part of the renewal application. 
  • If you are not in compliance with the Ordinances or do not submit required information, the Zoning Administrator will not be able to issue you a (new or renewal) license. 
  • If there are no more licenses available and you would like to submit an application to be on the waitlist, submit a complete application along with the waitlist fee ($100). Please submit separate checks for the waitlist and application fee. 


The Township enforces its STR License. However, if there is an emergency (fire, health, safety), please call the police at 911. If there are fireworks going off at an STR*, you can also call 911 as they can enforce the Township’s Firework Ordinance (available online by clicking here).

If you would like to make a complaint regarding an STR, you may call the 24/7 hotline number (Granicus). This number is 231-642-9805. If you have a cell phone, you will be able to text pictures and/or video as evidence with your complaint. Once a complaint is received, Granicus will notify the local contact of the STR. Please note that you have the option, through Granicus, to request a call-back regarding the status of the complaint. If the complaint is not resolved after the contact is notified by Granicus, please do not contact 911 for non-emergencies such as operating an STR without a license, noise complaint, exceeding occupancy allowed, etc. Nonemergency matters, if not resolved after Granicus notifies the local contact, will be handled by the Zoning Administrator during regular business hours.

*Per the Township’s Fireworks Ordinance, fireworks are prohibited at any time, except during any of the following days and times or except as authorized by the Township Board under the Firework Ordinance:

1. After 11am on December 31 and until 1am on January 1
2. After 11am and until 11:45pm on the Saturday and Sunday immediately preceding Memorial Day
3. After 11am and until 11:45pm on June 29 – July 4
4. If July 5 falls on a Friday or Saturday, then after 11am and until 11:45pm on July 5
5. After 11am and until 11:45pm on the Saturday and Sunday immediately preceding Labor Day.