Leelanau County Dispatch


The Emergency Management/9-1-1 Center is located in Suttons Bay, 2 miles east of the town of Lake Leelanau. The attractive new complex was completed in December 2004 and is now home to Leelanau County Emergency Management/9-1-1.

Dispatchers are generally the first contact made during an emergency. They are considered a critical link between the public and Emergency Services. Leelanau County Dispatchers are highly trained in the latest technology, which allows them to offer the best possible service to the residents of our area. 

Dispatchers field all calls coming into the center using the Computer Aided Dispatch, CAD, system.  The CAD system is interfaced with computer systems in the Emergency Services network, facilitating a quick dispatch of the appropriate agency in response to a request.

9-1-1 Dispatch Personnel 
What to Expect When Calling 9-1-1 
Duties of a Dispatcher 
Leelanau County 9-1-1 Dispatch Presentation 

This page last updated on 6/25/2014.