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The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, & Energy in conjunction with the Village of Empire Ordinance No. 113, requires that all public water suppliers have a Cross Connection Control Program that tests all backflow prevention devices on a yearly basis by a certified plumber. Common types of testable backflow prevention devices include, but not limited to:

  • Lawn/greenhouse irrigation systems
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Chemical/fertilizer injection pumps
  • Boiler Systems

Any plumber certified to do this inspection must hold a current ASSE 5110 license.

ASSE International maintains a database to find local plumbers in your area which can be found here: ASSE International ( (Select Michigan and Search...then click on the word city to sort the list alphabetically by city).

Prevention Backflow Assembly Inspection Form

Brand new resident?  Receive up to 2 passes free of charge with proof of car registration. 

New windshield? Bring in a scraped portion of the old sticker or windshield replacement receipt to receive new pass free of charge.

New Car? Bring in one of the following:

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* New registration along with a $5 fee. 

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