Planning and Zoning

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The Village of Empire Zoning Administrator administers provisions of the Village Code of Ordinances with regards to land use and development. The Zoning Administrator is responsible for issuing Zoning permits, which are required for many home improvement projects, as well as monitoring Village zoning enforcement.

Conceptual Review Meetings
The Village encourages anyone interested in developing in the Village of Empire to schedule a conceptual review meeting with the Zoning Administrator. Such a meeting will allow a chance to discuss the project, ensure you have the correct forms, and work through any potential concerns. Depending on your project, other topics may be discussed, such as other permits that will be needed. All that is needed to schedule one is a general idea of your planned development and a location. To schedule a meeting, please contact the Zoning Administrator.

Please see this page's side tabs for relevant forms and documents such as Zoning Maps, the Zoning Ordinance, applications, fees, etc. Fees can be paid via cash or check at the Village office.

Redevelopment Ready Communities

In 2023, Village Council resolved to participate in the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) Redevelopment Ready Communities Program to improve processes and communication with stakeholders. The Village of Empire is currently implementing the recommended actions necessary to receive the RRC Essentials Best Practices option from the MEDC.            Community Snapshot                 RRC Best Practices

This page last updated on 4/11/2024.

Zoning Administrator, Robert Hall
Office Hours:
Friday 1:30 – 4:30 PM
11518 S. Lacore Rd.
PO Box 253
Empire, MI 49653


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