Kasson Township has no elections scheduled for 2023. For an absentee ballot request form, please click here. To be placed on the "permanent list" for absentee ballots, please contact Clerk Dana Boomer at 231-590-9788 or kassontwpclerk@gmail.com. This will place you on the list to be sent an application to vote absentee prior to each election.

To view your sample ballot, please go to the State of Michigan site and select your county and township.

Please contact Clerk Dana Boomer at 231-590-9788 or kassontwpclerk@gmail.com with any questions regarding elections.

General voter information from the Michigan Secretary of State can be found here.

Polling Place is located at 10988 S Newman Rd, Maple City MI 49664

This page last updated on 2/8/2023.