Housing North Survey to Help Address Housing Needs

by Jenny Herman
Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Help us support housing in Leelanau County. Your input is key to that effort.

Housing North is working with the Leelanau Peninsula Economic Foundation (LPEF) and the Leelanau Housing Action Committee (LHAC) to help address the housing needs in Leelanau County through a Housing Action Plan. We will use this information to help guide the goals and implementation steps for the action plan. Our focus is to learn from those who live and work in Leelanau County, and then know how we can help with those identified needs moving into the future. To learn more about the Collaborative and housing resource, here is a link to a shared google drive.
The findings from the survey will be available in March on the Housing North, LPEF, and LHAC websites. Your responses are confidential and no specific individual-identifying information will be released. The answer to the first question will direct you the appropriate section of the plan. If you want to update an answer, you can click on the BACK button. All respondents will complete the final section of the survey.