Bingham Township Parks

Issues or questions on Bingham Township Parks should be reported to the Bingham Township Offices at (231) 922-6767, or by contacting the township board park representative, Trustee Todd Stone, via email at

Bingham Township residents are fortunate to have access to five lovely parks within the Township.  Each park site offers different amenities and recreational opportunities.  The parks are open to all visitors on a first come-first served basis; no date/time reservations are available. 

Each Township Park is periodically checked by a Parks & Recreation Committee member/steward, who reports to the committee.  The committee serves as a task force to keep the Board informed of activities and/or problems at the parks.  The P&R Committee's goal is to maintain and improve the township parks for the benefit of residents and visitors.

The Parks & Rec Committee received a State of Michigan coastal waters grant to develop long-term site plans for both Boughey and Hendryx Parks.  After final site plans are approved through revisions and public hearings, the committee will continue to investigate and submit further grant applications in order to implement those plans.

Boughey ParkBoughey Park

Located along West Bay Shore Drive (M-22) with access to West Bay water frontage, the park has picnic tables, grills, and a covered pavillion.  Over the past few years, members of the Parks & Recreation Committee, with the assistance, support, and donations of area residents, have spent considerable time and effort cleaning up the grounds, painting the pavillion, and installing new swing seats at this 'east side' park.

Hendryx ParkHendryx Park
Located along Lee Point Road with access to West Bay water frontage; the park has picnic tables and grills.  Over the past three years, members of the Parks & Recreation Committee, with the assistance, support, and donations of area residents, spent considerable time and effort making much needed improvements to this little park gem.  Visitors will see new landscaping including improved walkways, and refreshed picnic tables, while enjoying the park.

Bingham Township Park
Located on Park Road off Lake Leelanau Drive (Co.Rd. 641) with access to Lake Leelanau, the park has picnic tables and grills, and a nice, but small, beach area.  The Parks & Recreation Committee has facilitated the installation of a new split-rail fence and parking posts.  The fence has a gate that will be opened in the winter to allow access for fish shanties to be move onto the lake ice.

Groesser Park
Located on West Bay; the park is an undeveloped property.

Mebert Creek Natural AreaMebert Creek Natural Area
The park is an undeveloped property, but may be used for hiking, nature walks, and exploring.

The Bingham Township Parks Committee is a group of dedicated,  hands-on individuals who are always willing to welcome more like-minded people to their group. For an outline of what's required, click here.

This page last updated on 2/14/2024.